Maria Sebnat Martin

Maria Sebnat Martin (has lived and worked) in Marrakech since the late nineties.

Before settling in Marrakech, Maria studied and worked in USA and Canada for several years, earning a Bachelor degree in Business administration from Schiller International University.

in her native country of Sweden she was the festival manager for The Kronovall Castle Summer Art and Music programs which attracts over 30,000 visitors. She and her Moroccan partner, Jabrane, developed a holistic center for human and social development. (in what city in Sweden?)

in 2004, she founded the Marrakech Travel Company (MTC) specializing in tailormade cultural trips in Morocco. MTC has recently expanded into logistic and cultural context consulting for Scandinavian companies who wish to organize events and projects in Morocco.

Maria is an active and dedicated member of the Marrakesh Biennale organizing group. She joined the team in 2011 as the outreach coordinator and manager of the educational program of MB4. Today, Maria is one of the three operational managers of the Marrakech Biennale 6.

When she is not full-time engaged in Biennale, she is an event manager at Riad el Fenn and runs the family business of riads and guesthouses.

Maria is a regular blog contributor to the Swedish travel magazine RES, where she has shared her passion and deep knowledge of Morocco since 2010.