Khalid Tamer

Vice President Executive

Khalid Tamer studied for three years at Ecole Alain Bennac, after which he moved to a different form of expression situated somewhere between drama and dancing. In 1995, he met N. Abad and started working on Nô theatre and gestures expression.

In 1998, he created L'Ile des Esclaves de Marivaux with his company Graines de Soleil and set up training workshops for young people in Créteil, Argenteuil and in Paris (Goutte d'Or neighborhood).

Since 1999, he has been supervising internships in Tunisia and in Morocco. He also organized a reading session of Slimane Benaïssa's piece Prophètes Sans Dieu, as well as of a set of pieces by female writers. These reading sessions have been presented in festivals organized in Paris.

In 2001, he created Terrain Vague, under the theme of street urchins. In 2003, he initiated and organised the Veillées du Ramadan. In 2004, he became the initiator and organiser of Festival au Féminin, which is a multi-disciplinary festival revolving around the feminine artistic creativity and cultural diversity. In 2006, he created the Awaln'Art Festival, an International Artistic athering in Public Squares, in Marrakech. In 2010, he created Profils Atypiques, which is a French-Canadian creation.

In 2010, he became an expert with the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie. At the same time, he conducts a work with Hors Les Murs in the public space (Montréal, New- York).