Cevdet Erek

Courtyard Ornamentation with Sounding Dots and a Prison (COSDP) (2014) is a continuation of the series Courtyard Ornamentation with 4 Sounding Dots and a Shade presented at the Sharjah Biennial in 2013. Loudspeakers are placed on the walls surrounding a courtyard. Only when the visitor finds the “sweet spot” under a central shade do all sounds combine, forming a recognizable rhythm. The percussive sounds were performed by hand, reflecting the artist’s desire to connect “audio ornamentation” with handmade visual ornamentation, while spoken words act as calligraphic text in geometrical relation to the percussive dots. The work is continued in the prison, where the ornamentation is no longer based solely on musical rhythms.

Erek lives and works in Istanbul. He has participated in the Istanbul Biennial (2003 & 2011) and dOCUMENTA(13), Kassel (2012); he was the subject of a solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel (2012). Erek was a recipient of the Nam June Paik Award (2012). Until recently Erek instructed at ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory and headed a studio at ITU Architecture Faculty.