Can & Asli Altay

Can Altay (b.1975) is an artist and Asli Altay (b.1983) is a graphic designer and director of Future Anecdotes Istanbul design studio. Together they take on projects that often revolve around issues of public space and communication. The pair creates exhibitions, structures, and publications that act as public platforms or markers. An Archipelago from the Mediterranean (2014) focuses on the Mediterranean, a troubled body of water that both unites and divides global societies. The artwork is an intervention in the city of Marrakech in the form of distributed posters, and includes a proposal to make islands out of Mediterranean water: an archipelago, located inland, filled with water. The poster campaign reflects on the artists’ processes of making a work public and their distribution of ideas. Can & Asli Altay’s collaborations include Ahali: An Anthology for Setting a Setting published by Bedford Press, London (2012); The Church Street Partners’ Gazette, an exhibition at The Showroom, London (2010- 2013); and PARK: birihtimal, an exhibition in public space, Istanbul (2010).