Awaln'Art - Canadian Showcase

The international artistic encounters in public spaces Awaln'art is an event created in 2007 by a collective of franco-moroccan artists. This project is supported by the Municipality of Marrakech, the Ministry of Culture and several foreign institutions including the International Organization of la Francophonie, the French Institute, the French Embassy in Morocco.
The insertion of the event as a specific program of the Marrakech biennial and the link between the two teams are designed to deploy in situ the field of contemporary arts. This project, held by Awaln'art and the Marrakech Biennial aims to deepen a new urban thinking centered on the place of art and artists in the city.
Over the next few editions the establishment of residencies and encounters between Moroccan, Mediterranean, African, and international artists will lead progressively to install in public spaces of Marrakech alive and visible traces of contemporary creation. This will thus foster links between the event and its audiences, a permanent dialog, that is renewed with each edition. This collaboration developed as well a dynamic of prolonged exploration, while combining around a same project for the city: the inhabitants, tourists, businesses as well as public authorities.

Awaln'Art: April 22 - May 8 


Over the 3 weeks of activities and events, an opening to Canadian creativity will be scheduled, where Quebec will be extensively represented. This space consisting of meetings, workshops, performances, and visual arts facilities results from 10 years of exchanges and partnerships initiated with such great names in Quebec contemporary art as: Alexis Martin and its company New Experimental Theatre, Cirque du Soleil, Les 7 doigts de la main (7 fingers of the hand), the IFTC (International Commission of Francophone Theatre).

The objective of this program is to strengthen these partnerships, while expanding through strong meetings with African designers. In addition to artists, structures and projects will be involved and valued. The presence of Canadian expertise for us is all the more essential as it comes at a crucial moment in the life of our project. Installing the renewal of Awaln'art and its alliance with the Marrakech Biennale in an international prism based on sustainable partnerships and based on proven expertise. Canadian showcase initiates projects and collaborations that can yield fruit over the coming years. This can be perceived in terms of meetings between Canadian artists and African artists, creations in both performing arts and visual arts, multidisciplinary creations where the four key areas of Marrakech Biennale can be brought in: arts in public space, visual arts, literature and living art."

The agenda features the following :

from 25 to 30 April 2015
Fibonacci Pan African Edition - Co. The 7 Fingers (Les 7 doigts de la main ) - circus Canada / Morocco
Sounjata - Cie NTE - Theatre Canada / Mali / Morocco
"T" - Satellite Theater - Art in public space - Canada
Geneviève Pelletier - Karim Troussi Touria Hadraoui - Canada / Morocco
Bouchar Danse - Sylvie Bouchard Carousel

Emma Brack “Catch the Wind : Extinction is radical and resistance of Silbo Gomero”
Audry Vessels Sofina / aqua- robot Installation / 2010 - 2015
Samuel St-Aubin