Partner Projects

The Partner Projects differ from the Parallel Projects because the curator selects them according to how well they correspond to the curatorial concept and mission of the Biennale. They are also open to both a local and international arena of participants and organizations. They also include a host of local organizations, which the Biennale has long been partnered with such as Awaln'art festival, AL MAQAM, ESAV, IF, Jardin Rouge Fondation Montresso, MMP+, British Council, Cadi Ayyad University, Institut Cervantes, CMOOA, Le Grand Café de la Poste and others. Current examples of possible Partner Projects include: a Curatorial Intensive Seminar organized by the Independent Curators International, a conference on the Afro-Arab History of Solidarity to be organized in collaboration with the Institute of Comparative Modernities at Cornell University, and hosting the biennial conference of The World Biennial Forum, organized by the Biennial Foundation in Marrakech. Other discussions are currently conducted with institutions such as Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) and the Liverpool Biennial to host their artistic productions in Marrakech. These various art events and projects will be hosted with our partner organizations.