Embracing cultures, transcending borders, bringing souls close to each other, adopting divergences and convergences, changing the world to present it more vividly, sassy, timeless. That is the contemporary artistic gesture. There is a use, a voice raised with modest and masterly ambition to bring people together, beyond differences, times, fantasies and resentments. But putting art at the service of people is also tantamount to accompanying people towards art. Art is to be questioned, experienced, and encountered. Art must be narrated and explained, patiently, tirelessly, so as to bestow upon every look enough scope to be affected or even shaken. We are inviting to this intimate and collective experience at the 6th edition of Marrakech Biennale, at the very spot where the East, Europe and Africa will intertwine. The very place where novelty is no longer placed under the wings of the West.

Mohamed Amine Kabbaj
Executive President

Presentation - Parallel Projects

MB6 Parallel Projects has created an open call to engage a wider community of artists and cultural practitioners in what will be known as the Parallel Projects of the Biennale. A selection committee of esteemed art practitioners has been formulated to oversee the process of selecting the projects that will partake alongside the main exhibition of the Biennale. The selection of a number of projects will be based on the merit of the artistic product and its general abiding to the theme set for the Biennale. The purpose of the Parallel Projects is to open the opportunity to a wider spectrum of artists and organizations locally to take a leading role in the upcoming MB6. The Biennale will provide a level of international visibility to the local scene. And the inclusion of a rich array locally will guarantee the diversification of audiences as well. The curator of the Biennale, who will also be part of the selecting committee, will help assign various spaces for the Parallel Projects to ensure visibility and coherence in ideas and presentation.

The artistic committee composed of Jamal Abdenasser MB6, M'barek Bouhchichi Hicham Lahlou, Sandrine Dole, Estelle Guillé, Tamer Khalid Amine Kabbaj and Reem Fadda met in Marrakech 18-19 September.

More than 300 applications had been submitted from over 50 different countries and four continents. By evaluating the quality of proposals and their consistency with the curatorial project, the committee selected 30 projects.

Among the selected projects there was a predominance of visual arts projects with 24 proposals, including 9 videos, 9 installatons and 4 photography projects. Another 6 performing arts projects and 10 projects for the Art in public space was selected.

The selection also reflects the Committee's wish to open a real space to new creations and in particular from Africa, the Arab World and their diasporas, through the choice of creations in situ, multidisciplinary proposals projects led by young creators including several African Arab-Moroccan projects.