Children's Workshops

From the beginning, the Marrakech Biennale has sought to be a part of the very fabric of the city, fostering an understanding of the contemporary arts amongst city's inhabitants, both old and young alike. Supporting hands on workshops for children is the Biennale's way to artistically engage and include this key part of the population.

Our art education partners Zid Zid Kids will hold a dynamic art installation designed specifically for children living in the Medina and surrounding countryside during the 6th Edition of the Marrakech Biennale.

This program has been made possible with the generous support of The Embassy of the United States of America in Morocco.

STORK JOURNEY: A Stork Migration Path art Installation

Inspired by the millions of magnificent white storks who make the yearly migratory journey from Eurasia to Africa, Zid Zid Kids will conduct a weeklong sensory atelier for local children to create embellished paper storks utilizing colorful papers, fabrics, cellophane, hole punches and more. Each child will place her paper stork creation in a designated area inside the museum.

The completed storks hung together will create a poetic gathering, mimicking the inspiring migration taking place yearly in the North African skies.

As award-winning designers and passionate educators, Zid Zid Kids believes in working directly with the children of the local population for this exciting site specific installation. Their goals for this installation are:

• Include a population with no access to the arts
• Promote creativity for young Moroccans
• Empower youth through the arts
• Highlight and promote local culture

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