Artistic Residences of Fine Arts Students

In the framework of our education programs, we are very glad to host a group of 25 students from the National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan and 10 students from the School of Fine Arts of Casablanca, for a study trip of the 6th Biennale of Marrakech.

During this residency, students will take part in a major artistic and cultural event, by participating in the project of the Biennale and realizing illustrations of youth publication.

They benefit of an accompanying during their stay, and can develop their artistic and professional competencies by the bias of workshops, conferences and meetings with international artists and professionals.

Furthermore, plunged in the heart of the 6th Biennale of Marrakech, they can benefit of a set of programming and visit the different places of exhibition as well as the partner and parallel projects.

Biennale Marrakech intends by this program to promote intercultural and interdisciplinary exchanges by giving the opportunity to future professionals of Arts and Culture to apprehend the artistic, cultural, economic and social aspects of the event. It is an opportunity to give them as well the opportunity to apply and to develop the acquired competencies in the framework of their formation.

The 35 students will be divided into 2 groups, and each will participate in a session of residency: the first one will take place in the three first weeks of the Biennale, from 25 February to 17 March, and the second in the three last weeks of the Biennale, from 19 April to 8 May.

The pedagogical contribution for students:

- Realizing a personal artistic production and realizing a collective exhibition in collaboration with other students in residence.
- Participation, in a professional framework, in realizing illustrations which will be integrated in the youth publication of Biennale Marrakech, in favor of students of the region of Marrakech.
- Immersion in a major artistic and cultural event of the local cultural scenery, allowing them to take part in all events of the manifestation and to meet invited artists and professionals.