Culture is one of the founding elements of life in society. It is a factor of emancipation and blossoming for the individual and of cohesion and integration for the society. This appears more essential for us today as the economic and social crisis shakes many of our certitudes. In this sense, the challenge of cultural democratization should be in the center of our preoccupations. Rendering culture accessible for the biggest number is a democratic requirement. 
Marrakech Biennale comes today in a mission of public utility and a gait of enriching the cultural scenery of the city and of Morocco. The 6th edition of this major event aims at focusing on the cultural education, through two projects: 
- A scholastic hosting program “Patrimony Pedagogy” 
- A program of “trainings and artistic residence” for 35 students of the National Institute of fine arts of Tetouan and the School of Fines Arts of Casablanca and 50 students from the  Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech. 
This strategic choice of education development is on one hand, an opportunity perceived as holder of future as it answers on the other hand the satisfaction of the needs on the local level. 
The big orientations defined in favor of development of the cultural education action of MB6 are based on values and purposes of sustainable and solidary development:
- Guarantying the fundamental right to cultural diversity;
- Making the human being in the center of artistic and cultural action;
- Giving access to culture to the biggest number in a process of democratization; 
- Promote the diffusion of all existing artistic forms and the emergence of new forms.
This education and cultural action will be a moment of conviviality, sociability and a means of fighting against the cultural fracture of our country, widening in the same time the number of users and cultural practices.
What everyone would like to find in Marrakech Biennale today, beyond an opening to the world thanks to art and to all the other carriers of information, it is also a space favoring meetings, self-discovering and discovering the other. Marrakech Biennale represents par excellence a place of learning, of citizenship and of democracy. 
Requirements of MB6 Education Program:
Developing a cultural education project of territory which is subscribed in the dynamism of local development:
- Participating in the attractiveness of the concerned zone;
- Promoting the economic and sustainable development;
- Generating cohesion and social link;
- Implying partners of the given territory;
- Being surrounded by competencies.
Objectives of MB6 Education Program: 
- The presentation and awareness to the intercultural material or immaterial diversity by pedagogical instruments;
- Interpellation of the audience on mutations and challenges linked to cultural development;
- Developing and creating resources;
- Comprehending a certain technology and a knowhow.