• Hicham Khalidi, Curator Visual Art Section

    Hicham Khalidi, Curator Visual Art Section
    Hicham Khalidi is a Dutch-Moroccan curator of contemporary art. From 2003 till 2011, he was the artistic director of TAG (Institute for Audiovisual Art in The Hague, the Netherlands). Khalidi studied finance and worked for a couple of years in the fashion industry. His favorite subjects are the politics of the image, and trans-disciplinary research in speculative art and design. Hicham Khalidi is a member of the board of: V2_: interdisciplinary centre for art and media technology in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As of March 2013, Khalidi is head of exhibitions at Stuk kunstencentrum in Leuven, Belgium and the visual arts curator of the fifth Marrakesh Biennale (2014), Morocco. His latest exhibitions as a curator include: On Geometry and Speculation (as part of the 4th edition of the Marrakesh Biennale, Marrakesh, Morocco, 2012), Transnatural Festival (Nemo Science Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2012) and Alles, was Sie über Chemie wissen müssen (Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany, 2011).
  • Khalid Tamer, Curator of Performing Arts Section

    Khalid Tamer, Curator of Performing Arts Section
    Khalid Tamer studied for three year at Ecole Alain Bennac, after which he moved to a different form of expression situated somewhere between drama and dancing. In 1995, he met N. Abad and started working on Nô theatre and gestures expression.

 In 1998, he created L'Ile des Esclaves de Marivaux with his company Graines de Soleil and set up training workshops for young people in Créteil, Argenteuil and in Paris (Goutte d'Or neighborhood). 
Since 1999, he has been supervising internships in Tunisia and in Morocco. He also organized a reading session of Slimane Benaïssa's piece Prophètes Sans Dieu, as well as of a set of pieces by female writers. These reading sessions have been presented in festivals organized in Paris. 

In 2001, he created Terrain Vague, under the theme of street urchins. In 2003, he initiated and organised the Veillées du Ramadan. In 2004, he became the initiator and organiser of Festival au Féminin, which is a multi-disciplinary festival revolving around the feminine artistic creativity and cultural diversity. In 2006, he created the Awaln'Art Festival, an International Artistic gathering in Public Squares, in Marrakech. In 2010, he created Profils Atypiques, which is a French-Canadian creation. In 2010, he became an expert with the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie. At the same time, he conducts a work with Hors Les Murs in the public space (Montréal, New- York).
  • Driss Ksikes, Curator of the Literature Section

    Driss Ksikes, Curator of the Literature Section
    Journalist, literary critic, researcher, 43 year old Driss Ksikes is a writer with a lot of attachment to the city; co-founder of the Ibn Rochd Meetings, Director of the Cesem, research center of HEM and delegate-general of DABATEATR.

His plays are positioned in a totally post-modern tradition that follows the footsteps of Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter. His characters are normal people that do not even have first names; only an initial, in a manner that represents the position of the human being in our societies. He has also wrote a novel; "Ma boîte noire" (My black box) (ed. Tarik and Le Grand soufflé, Paris, 2006), in which the hero, "Mokhtar", translated as "the chosen" or "the One", does not turn into a human bomb thanks to his discovery of love. In the similar fashion as "Mokhtar" the narrator of his short novel "Un jour, un sourire" (La pensée du Midi, Actes Sud 2010) is saved by love.

    His latest texts are brought together in "Ainsi parle cette chose qui sommeille en toi" (Ed. Maëlström, Bruxelles, 2012). These are monologue portraits. In his pieces of writing, he gives the floor to voiceless characters such as "the woman and the child" or to characters broken down by submission such as "le courtisan déchu".
  • Jamal Abdennassar, Curator of Cinema & Video

    Jamal Abdennassar, Curator of Cinema & Video
    Born in 1974, Jamal Abdennassar graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Luminy in Marseille in 1995. He combines a professional life in the field of advertising during the day with his role as a key cultural player in the evening as the founder of CasaProjecta. Initiated in November 2008 Casaprojecta is a series of screenings of visual projects in unexpected and unusual places such as pubs and bars. This monthly event roams the city screening both the experimental creations of young individuals, as well as successful works by well known auteurs. In 2006, he founded Festimode Casablanca Fashion Week, a new event devoted to the contemporary fashion metropolis of Casablanca. Co-created with the journalist Amine Boushaba in 2011, the initiative" Red Chair " is a series of video interviews exploring the state of culture in Morocoo with the civil society, actors and artists.  Jamal Abdennassar has lectured in several colleges and universities in Morocco on the topic of cultural engineering . He has also collaborated on many artists' books , including Mohamed El Baz, Hassan Darsi, Abouelouakar, nad Leila Alaoui.